Monday, May 17, 2010

Careers in medical writing (in the UK)

MedComms Networking in the UK has released its 2010 guide called "From Academic to Medical Writer: A guide to getting started in medical communications." I think it could also be summarized as "Careers in Medical Writing."

This free guide is published by NetworkPharma and it's specific for those working or living in the UK, but many of the principles described in this career guide can apply in many other areas of the world. So, if you've been thinking about exploring the world of medical writing, I'd encourage you to download this guide and take a look at it.

Here's a brief synopsis:
This guide focuses primarily on the role of the Medical Writer in medical communications agencies. The Medical Writer’s role is to use science and language to deliver education and communication programmes for the pharmaceutical industry, while working to the highest ethical standards and adhering to industry regulations and guidelines. The aim of this guide is to give the industry information you need to decide if you are suited to the role of Medical Writer, and to provide the insider knowledge you need to excel at interview.
You can download the 2010 guide here (PDF):

The most challenging aspect of medical writing is getting started. Once you get established and gain some significant experience, then you'll find plenty of business as long as you're good and qualified. Don't know how to break in? You can access other information here about "getting started in medical communications."

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