Saturday, May 29, 2010

Career advice articles from TheLadders

I'm on the mailing list for and I get their newsletter that features some of their career advice articles. Take a look at some of these career advice titles:
Creating Effective Cover Letters
HR pros are divided about how much attention they give these documents. But if it reaches the right hands, a well-crafted cover letter can win the job.

Make Your Resume Answer Someone's Prayers
Use your resume to show you understand the employer's needs and embody the solution.

Facing 50 Questions for Every Job Interview
Michigan job seeker Connie Corwin grew tired of being stumped on interviews, so she made her own prep list of questions and answers for every eventuality.

Best Practices for the Happy Hour Interview
What to wear, what to drink and when to call it a night.

The Minds of HR Pros and Recruiters
Find out why they choose one candidate over another.
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