Monday, May 3, 2010

Best alternative careers for physicians

The other day, I wanted to know what I'd find if I typed "best alternative careers for physicians" into Google.

As I started typing, the search box got pre-populated with the phrase "best alternative careers for lawyers." Attorneys must be really miserable with their jobs. Of course, visitors to this site may think that physicians have low levels of job satisfaction. Then, I went back to Google and typed, "alternative careers for" and I wanted to know how the list would get populated. The most common phrase is "alternative careers for lawyers," followed by "alternative careers for teachers." Doctors and physicians ranked #3 and #6, respectively. Here are the top "10" professions who are looking on Google to find information about alternative careers:
  1. lawyers
  2. teachers
  3. doctors
  4. architects
  5. nurses
  6. physicians
  7. attorneys
  8. engineers
  9. accountants
  10. librarians
Wow, there are many people out there who are looking for alternative careers.  Why is that the case? Why would a librarian or an architect want to find an alternative career?

Among visitors to, the phrase "non clinical physician jobs" is the most common search phrase that people are entering into Google and Yahoo. Each month, there are hundreds of people typing that into search engines and landing on this site.

What is the best alternative career for physicians? There's no single answer because it ultimately depends on your long-term career goals. For many physicians who choose to leave clinical medicine, the best alternative career involves part-time hours, maximum flexibility, relatively low stress, and plenty of time for family. For other physicians, the best alternative career involves the opportunity to make a large amount of money so they can retire comfortably and enjoy their wealth. Others enjoy finding career opportunities that are filled with excitement, new challenges, and future growth opportunities.

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