Friday, May 21, 2010

AMWA Conference 2010

AMWA is the American Medical Writers Association. If you're thinking about a career in medical writing, you'll definitely want to join AMWA.

Here's what you can look forward to at AMWA’s 70th Annual Conference:
November 11-13, 2010
Milwaukee, WI

Major speakers
The 2010 Keynote Address will be presented on Thursday, November 11, by William L. Lanier, MD, editor in chief of Mayo Clinic Proceedings and former president of the Society of Neurological Anesthesia and Critical Care. Dr Lanier’s timely, informative, and interesting presentation is entitled “Ensuring the Quality and Integrity of the Indexed Medical Literature.”

The 2010 McGovern Award recipient is Thomas Stossel, MD, director of the Division of Translational Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and one of the founders of the Association of Clinical Researchers and Educators. The award will be presented at the McGovern Luncheon on November 11. Dr Stossel’s presentation will be “Product Money in Health Care: Sin or Salvation?”
The McGovern Award, named in honor of John P. McGovern, MD, distinguished physician, philanthropist, scholar, and humanitarian, is presented in recognition of preeminent contributions to any of the various modes of medical communication.

The 2010 Alvarez Award recipient is Prerna Mona Khanna, MD, medical contributor to, Emmy Award-winning medical correspondent, and a triple board-certified medical doctor. The award will be presented at the Alvarez Luncheon on November 12; Dr Mona’s presentation topic will be announced later this month.

The Alvarez Award is presented to a member or nonmember of AMWA to honor excellence in communicating health care developments and concepts to the public.

The conference will offer 94 educational workshops to help you earn your AMWA certificate or expand your knowledge of the topics, 40 exciting open sessions about timely and relevant issues in the profession, and 73 informative and interesting Breakfast Roundtable discussions. Further details on the open sessions, along with a list of Breakfast Roundtables and Coffee and Dessert Klatches will be available later this month. Remember that all open sessions are included in your registration fee.

Networking opportunities
Don’t miss the Conference Coach Connection, Creative Readings, Breakfast with the Exhibitors, the Welcome and Closing Receptions, Chapter Greet and Go, and the Coffee and Dessert Klatches. All great networking opportunities to connect with fellow members and industry peers at the annual conference!

See the Program in Brief for schedule information.

The conference registration brochure will be posted on AMWA’s Web site on July 12. Online registration and hotel reservations open July 26. Register by September 30 to take advantage of early bird rates!

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