Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Share your story for a book: 50 Interviews with Physicians in Career Transition

Richard F Fernandez MD, MPH is working on a project and he needs your help.

This project is one of 20 different topics in the “50 Interviews book series” founded by Brian Schwartz in 2008.You can check out these other topics at www.50interviews.com.

Brian wrote the first book entitled, “50 Interviews with Entrepreneurs.” He learned:  “Through the process of interviewing, a truth emerges as to why some people act and others do not. Their answers offer real life wisdom, insight and an honest glimpse into the mindset of true entrepreneurs.Readers will explore the perspectives of ordinary men and women who took destiny into their own hands and pursued their entrepreneurial stirrings.”  Brian Schwartz

Also, the high number of interviews (50) provided a critical mass of truthful information.
What I am looking for in this project is a 30 minute telephone interview with a successful physician who is currently in transition or has made the transition to a non-clinical career. Particularly I am looking for individuals who can boldly, passionately, and clearly share what they have accomplished; why they made the change; and how they did it--- what advice they can give to the readers.

It’s a story about dreaming, belief, passion, inspiration, and fulfillment. If you are able to contribute to this exciting and worthwhile project, please contact Richard F Fernandez MD, MPH  (Rich@50interviews.com)

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