Saturday, April 10, 2010

Panel Discussion: innovative post MD/MBA programs

This afternoon, I attended a great panel discussion (here at the Association of MD/MBA Programs 8th Annual Conference) where several physicians discussed some innovative post MD/MBA programs. The two programs that were highlighted were the Duke University: Management and Leadership Pathway for Residents (MLP-R) and the WellPoint fellowship.
  • Mark Bloomberg, MD, MBA (President, The Bloomberg Healthcare Group)
  • Devdutta Sangvai, MD, MBA (Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Duke University)
  • Omar Latif, MD (Physician Executive Fellow at WellPoint, Inc.)
Before the panel discussion began, Dr. Mark Bloomberg shared some of his clinical/business pearls:
  • Short vs. long-term focus. Patient care may be short-term when you're making a diagnosis, but business is more long-term.
  • Inquisitive nature and an open mind. Learn the language and discipline of business.
  • Develop clinical excellence. If you're thinking about long-term career goals, clinical training and practice yields long-term benefits.
  • Take advantage of opportunities. 
  • Managing a transition from clinician to administration. 
  • Be patient. There are so many people who are rushing through their careers. Don't be too impatient. Pace yourself, gain experience, and show that experience in your resume. 
Then, Dr. Dev Sangvai spoke about the MLP-R program at Duke.
    Duke University: Management and Leadership Pathway for Residents (MLP-R): Integrating World-Class Clinical Training with Real-World Healthcare Management Experience.
    • Since you can't apply an MBA during residency, Duke developed a pathway that includes clinical rotations plus management rotations
    • 15 to 18 months of project driven management rotations/modules
    • May add 1 year of residency
    • Project-driven rotations.
    • Core rotations and Selective modules. 
    • Certificate program. 
    You can learn more about the Duke MLP-R by visiting this link. Inaugural class selected for July 2010 start.

    Dr. Omar Latif worked at McKinsey for 2 years, and then began the WellPoint fellowship. This is a new fellowship for people who have an interest in the health insurance industry. He had direct access to senior managers at WellPoint.

    So, what do you do as a fellow?
      • Project-driven learning
      • Giving presentations to senior management
      • You're given a large amount of flexibility
      Questions from the audience:
      • Are there other programs like the Duke MLP-R? Dr. Sangvai: Not aware of any other programs.
      • What can you do to keep the business spirit alive during residency? Dr. Latif: Don't be worried about business opportunities during residency. Residency is unique and think about staging different aspects of your career. Dr. Bloomberg: After the first few weeks or months, seek out the quality assurance department and declare your interest to take part in projects.
      It's been a full day today! Join me tomorrow as I continue to cover the Association of MD/MBA Programs 8th Annual Conference.

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