Friday, April 23, 2010

"Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" a free monthly telephone discussion (group conferece call)

Update: Registration for May 12 is now closed. The next "Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" will be on Tuesday, June 1st, at 9 pm eastern. You may register for that event here.

I'm starting something new and it's called: "Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs." This will be a free telephone group discussion where we will discuss different types of non-clinical jobs for physicians. The conference call will last approximately 45 minutes and I'll be facilitating an interactive discussion about non-clinical career options. I'll also be available to answer some questions.

If you're considering  alternative physician careers but you're not sure how to proceed, you won't want to miss this call. If you're a medical student and you hope to learn more about non-clinical career options, I hope you'll join me for this call.
The first "Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" will be on Wednesday evening, 9 PM Eastern, May 12, 2010. To register for this "Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" conference call, please click here (sorry, but registration is now closed for the May 12 call).
The next "Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" is scheduled for Tues, June 1st at 9 pm eastern. You may register for that call here.

"Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" will be a monthly event. To view the "Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" schedule, make sure to join the membership network  ( and click on the Events tab to view the monthly schedule.

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