Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blogging jobs

Many people have asked me, "How much money can you make blogging?" The answer really depends on multiple factors such as website traffic, advertisement arrangements, sponsorship, etc.

Professional bloggers make a very wide range of salaries. Part-time bloggers make anywhere from $50/week to over $1,000/week. So, if you're thinking about getting started with blogging, you should be familiar with the market rate for blog posts. Many publishers and organizations will pay freelance bloggers up to $20 per article/blog post or $20/hr. Blogs that focus on health care may pay more ($30/article), but once you get experienced and established, you can find some publishers that are willing to pay over $100/article.

I know several people who currently have full-time blogging careers. Most people start out as a freelance blogger and then as they find more opportunities, they may slowly transition into a full-time blogger.

If you're looking for some part-time work and if you enjoy writing, then maybe you'll want to get involved with blogging. You should be warned because blogging can consume quite a bit of time. Once you get established, the income potential can go up significantly if you create your own blog, publish innovative content, and generate a high volume of traffic each month. Your income will be based primarily from selling advertisements on your site and Google makes this very easy (and automated) through Google AdSense.

Curious about the blogging world? You can find some blogging jobs here

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