Friday, April 30, 2010

ACPE 2010: Physician in Management Seminar (PIM): Finance in Health Care Organizations

This morning, I attended the Physician in Management Seminar (PIM) here at the 2010 ACPE (American College of Physician Executives) Annual CME Conference. 15 to 18k physicians have gone through this seminar to become stronger leaders within their organizations. You can learn about the PIM seminar here.

The first session today was titled, "Finance in Health Care Organizations."

Learn key financial concepts and basic economic principles that will earn you respect from administration and admiration from clinicians.
    * Blow away the smoke when dealing with CFOs and accountants.
    * Interpret financial statements-they don't say what you think they say.
    * Discover what costs are really relevant for decision-making.
    * Create cost and payment structures that work to your advantage.
    * Learn why you can make a profit and still go out of business-and how to avoid it.
    * Faculty: Hugh Long, MBA, PhD, JD

Interested in learning more about finance? You can participate in this ACPE course titled, "Finance in Health Care Organizations" by clicking here.

Click here for highlights from ACPE 2010.

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