Saturday, March 20, 2010

Medical Consultant for Oncimmune

Interested in leaving clinical medicine to pursue a medical consulting opportunity? You can view this entire job post by joining our LinkedIn Group "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals -"

Here's a snippet from the job post:
We are currently seeking a part time Medical Consultant to join our team. As an Oncimmune consultant, you will provide technical support to our field staff in the event that clinicians like yourself have questions about our EarlyCDT-Lung™ test. You will work closely with our Medical Director, Dr. William Jewell. Dr. Jewell is an outstanding thought leader in oncology and early cancer detection.

This is a great opportunity for you to gain exposure to other clinicians and to help to support Oncimmune’s primary goal: To advance early cancer detection to the greatest extent possible using autoantibody assay technology through early cancer detection testing.
To join our LinkedIn group, click here. Click on the "jobs" tab to see this job posting.

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