Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clinical Development Director

This job post is from the CCHIT (Certification Commission for Health Information Technology) website:

Clinical Development Director


A senior clinician responsible for leading all aspects of the development process. Works with the Project Director to ensure success of the Certification Development process and fulfillment of the CCHIT mission.
The Clinical Director of Certification Development will:
  • Manage and oversee development of the aspects of certification criteria requiring clinical knowledge
  • Assure strategic alignment of CCHIT certification with Federal programs
  • Bring industry and market knowledge to bear in identifying strategic and business growth opportunities
  • Present certification criteria to the Commission and carry decisions back to the relevant work groups
  • Closely coordinate the clinical aspects of criteria across domains
  • Provide clinical leadership for the test script development process
  • Lead concept development and prototyping of new CCHIT initiatives such as usability testing, etc.
  • Participate in CCHIT’s outreach and educational programs as a presenter
  • This is a full time, employed position and may be based in CCHIT’s Chicago office or work remotely.


The Clinical Director reports to the Executive Director and receives technical guidance from the Chair. The Clinical Director supervises the Strategic Work Group Leads.


Specific responsibilities of the Clinical Director, Certification Development include:
  • Work with Commission and Chair to offer strategic guidance to volunteers and Strategic Work Group Leaders (staff);
  • Oversee strategic alignment of CCHIT certification criteria and programs with Federal programs qualifying EHR technology for ARRA incentives;
  • Advise leadership on strategic and business decisions impacting CCHIT’s growth;
  • Provide coordination and management of Work Group activities to ensure high quality, timely work products;
  • Monitor progress of work groups and expert panels to avoid duplication, gaps or diversion from the Commission’s strategic direction;
  • Play a senior role in managing and facilitating monthly co-chair conference calls;
  • Periodic participation in Work Group discussions to provide senior facilitation of challenging topics;
  • Managing and mentoring Strategic Work Group Leads as required;
  • Direct management of crucial Work Groups
  • Drive and manage process for continuous integration and harmonization of criteria across Work Groups throughout the development cycle, rather than at the end;
  • Lead new initiatives as identified, such as usability testing (for example);
  • Provide clinical content knowledge and leadership in test script development process;
  • Manage environmental scan process to ensure continued appropriateness of inputs to criteria development including new expansion areas;
  • Participate in CCHIT’s outreach and educational programs as a presenter.


The Clinical Director will possess at a minimum 8-10 years of work experience in health care, with at least 5 years in clinical practice, and one or more of the following: health care standards development, networks, interoperability, EHR development or implementation, and/or privacy and data security. The ideal candidate will possess job experience with a health IT vendor and/or a provider. The Director must have excellent skills managing ‘virtual’ teams that combine staff and volunteer efforts. Travel required (8 to 10 trips per year).

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