Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogging for a living (it can be a career)

Some people make a very successful living by blogging. Do you think you would enjoy that?

If you've never had a blog, then you find it difficult to imagine what that type of life could be like. I remember reading stories of technology professionals who left stable, high-paying jobs to move into full-time blogging. As a professional blogger, you're not really a traditional reporter. You're also not just blogging for fun. When blogging becomes work, does that change your attitude towards blogging?

I blog because I have a passion. Several passions, actually. That's why I have 4 different blogs (and you can see each of them at the very top of the web page as colored tabs). I blog about non-clinical jobs and career opportunities. I also write about medicine and technology. Since I love gadgets, I get to blog about smartphones and mobile computers and it's fun, plus it's work. This isn't my day job, but it could be someday. Would I enjoy it? Yes, but I can't see it taking 40 hrs/week, so I'd have to find something else to do to avoid boredom. I would probably end up having a blended career where I spend 30% of my time blogging, 10% of my time traveling to blog about different medical meetings and events, and 40% coaching physicians who wish to transition out of clinical medicine. That would leave me with about 20% of time to consult in areas related to health IT. That would be an interesting career path, wouldn't it?


  1. Dr Kim, a true example of leadership, charisma, passion, intelligence and teamwork in medicine. You show the path for others!! So many doctors have reexamined their lives because of your example. Great job!

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