Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ACPE webcast: "Careers in Pharmaceutical Medicine"

The ACPE (American College of Physician Executives) offers webcasts that can be viewed on your computer on your schedule. Some are free and others require a nominal fee. They have one titled, "Careers in Pharmaceutical Medicine." You can access this web lecture for free whether or not you're a member of ACPE.

Ross Tonkens, MD gives a very nice overview about various career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Do you know how to make the transition into pharmaceutical medicine? Dr. Tonkens mentions that it helps if you're involved in clinical research either as a PI (principal investigator) or within an IRB (institutional review board). I think that many physicians in private practice don't realize that they have multiple opportunities to get involved in research. You don't have to have an academic career to run some clinical studies and recruit patients. Finally, are you willing to consider the challenges and potential rewards of becoming a full-time pharmaceutical physician?

Click here to see a list of web lectures on the ACPE website. I recommend you view the one titled, "Careers in Pharmaceutical Medicine" if you're thinking about transitioning into the pharma industry.

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