Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Physician salary negotiation services

Don't forget that we currently provide a career service for physicians who are looking for salary negotiation coaching. Do you know how to position yourself to ensure that you'll receive the best compensation package as you negotiate salary? Perhaps you'd like to gain some insight from HR professionals who have worked in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Here's an example of some of the services we provide:

  • Financial Services: You will have an unique opportunity to work with a former Investment Banker on Wall Street who transitioned his career into Human Resources (HR), specializing in Staffing and Recruiting. Within this field, he has 10+ years experience as an internal HR recruiter, and external executive recruiter, across a variety of different industries ranging from Finance, Management Consulting, Pharma, Bio-tech, IT, etc... He can provide you with guidance/coaching from the pre-interview stage to post-offer stage. He has experience both as an internal HR recruiter, and external executive recruiter managing total compensation packages up to $750K. He can provide valuable insight as to how "HR" operates, and how you can successfully navigate around 'HR" to maximize your compensation package.
If you're looking for a career coach, make sure to read this.

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