Thursday, February 11, 2010

Medical management jobs on LinkedIn

Interested in the world of medical management? Then you've probably already joined the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE). Maybe you even have an MBA or a master of medical management (MMM). Unlike traditional job boards, LinkedIn adds an element of social interaction. When someone posts a job, others can post comments to that job post. Before long, you end up having an online discussion and you're able to build an online social community. Some of the jobs listed in the ACPE group include:
  • Medical Director
  • Vice President of Medical Affairs 
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • and others
The American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) group on LinkedIn currently has over 660 members. Considering that the ACPE has over 10,000 members, where are all the others?

Speaking of LinkedIn, don't forget to join our "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals" group on LinkedIn.

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