Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help Wanted: Pharma Bloggers

That's right. Pharmaceutical companies are starting to recognize how they may leverage social media and blogs to market their products.  According to this PharmaVOICE story titled, "Help Wanted: Pharma Bloggers,"
Blogging is the latest job function in the marketing tool kit for some pharma companies.
The world of social media is rapidly evolving and we're seeing many new job positions titled, "social media specialist." You don't necessarily need to have a degree in social media to understand how to leverage social media effectively. Major hospitals and other health care organizations are leveraging bloggers to write about their services and programs. Pharmaceutical companies are also cautiously using social media to communicate their messages. Many of these companies now have Twitter accounts, blogs, and YouTube channels.

Perhaps you'd be interested in finding a job as a social media specialist. Do you consider yourself to be a social media expert? How have you leveraged Twitter to boost website traffic? Do you know how to manage responses to negative and positive feedback? What level of experience do you have generating buzz in various forms of digital media?

To read this interesting article on PharmaVOICE, click here.

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