Monday, February 1, 2010

February is "Medical Education" month here at

Each month, I place a special focus on a specific industry. In January, we focused on health information technology (Health IT, HIT, or HITECH).

For the month of February, I will focus on writing about non-clinical jobs in the world of "medical education" or "med ed." In my mind, this industry is really divided into 3 major sections (and you could divide in other ways as well). There are some overlapping areas, but I'll try to maintain the focus on specific areas within the broader industry of medical communications.
  1. First, we have the industry that revolves around certified continuing medical education or CME. Of course, this also include continuing nursing education or CNE, continuing pharmacy education or CPE, etc. 
  2. Second, we have promotional medical education that follows an entirely different set of guidelines outlined by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. Here, we're talking about promotional education that's designed for health care professionals, but that is not certified by the ACCME as "CME."
  3. Finally, I'd like to include some discussions that focus around patient education. 
So, if you're interested in non-clinical jobs surrounding these industries, then stay tuned this month!

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