Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Access a list of CME companies at the NAAMECC website

CME companies are all over the United States. There are probably over 100 private companies that focus on developing continuing medical education activities for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, PAs, and NPs. If you're thinking about a career in CME, perhaps you'd like to know if there are any CME companies in your region.

To view a list of active CME companies, I encourage you to visit the list on the North American Association of Medical Education and Communication Companies, Inc., (NAAMECC) website. This is not a comprehensive list of all the medical education and communication companies (MECCs) that are operating today, but it's a good starting place because these companies are probably committed to staying in the CME industry. As you may know, several CME companies dropped out of the industry in 2009. They either shut down or they decided to leave CME and to focus their efforts on non-CME education (also known as promotional education).

Click here to view the list of NAAMECC member companies.

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