Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Use Twitter to network in the health IT industry

In 2009, I made some significant contacts in the health IT industry through Twitter. Social media can be very powerful. I met CMIOs, health IT consultants, executives in health IT start-ups, clinical informatics nurses and nursing directors, and many others. Plus, I leveraged networking opportunities at meetings like HIMSS to establish connections in the industry. You have to be an active social networker if you want to meet people and make connections. You have to be deliberate and intentional.

Naturally, health IT professionals tend to gravitate towards technology and they find themselves embracing Web 2.0 (especially the social media component). Almost every health IT professional I know uses Twitter. Therefore, if you want to jump on the health IT train, then make sure to create a Twitter account and start following people. Establish your online presence so that people will remember who you are.

I've been actively using Twitter for the last year and it's been a tremendous social networking tool. I realize that many people don't understand the basics of Twitter, but Twitter is easy to learn. Be a fast learner and demonstrate your willingness to embrace modern technology. Contribute to my blogs as a guest author and show others that you have a solid understanding of information technology in health care. Establish a robust online presence so that potential employers recognize that you are on the cutting edge of Web 2.0 (and Health 2.0 for that matter). Start by using Twitter to communicate with health IT professionals.

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