Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Should you continue to practice medicine?

One question that seems to come up all the time when I speak with medical students and residents is: Should you practice medicine? 

When I speak with practicing physicians, the question is: Should you continue to practice medicine?

Dr. Zoe Kiren Deol has written a nice feature article on SurgicalProductsMag.com (Surgical Products Magazine) titled, "To Practice Or Not To Practice ... That Is The Question" and you can read it here.

She ends her editorial (blog post) with this line:
What are the possibilities for doctors who decide against a clinical career?  How wonderful and exciting to have the skills that would allow you to live several different lives during your time on earth, rather than staying in the one niche you carved out before you even knew what you were getting yourself into.  When I was in medical school, I never would have thought I would be writing a blog for a surgical products magazine.
Thanks for mentioning NonClinicalJobs.com as a resource for physicians interested in non-clinical careers. The reality is that most medical students don't learn about non-clinical career options so many end up practicing medicine even though they don't enjoy it. They feel "trapped" in their career because they can't imagine themselves doing anything else. Is that you?

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