Friday, January 22, 2010

Develop Your Career With Health Communication

Have you considered a career in medical or health communications? There are several graduate degree programs that may interest you. Here's a description from the Boston University Online Master of Science in Health Communication:
Empowering Health Communicators

Health care is a rapidly growing and ever-evolving field that relies on skilled communications professionals to craft and disseminate messages with clarity and authority on topics that influence public and personal health. From significant contributions in disease prevention, to groundbreaking campaigns in health awareness, and through efforts to improve doctor/ patient relations, Health Communicators are in demand and critical to the facilitation of public awareness and understanding of health care issues. The Boston University Online Master of Science in Health Communication program is designed to shape progressive Health Communicators, equipping them with the tools needed to effectively impact public and personal health literacy.
You can learn more about the BU program here:

Tufts University also has an MS in Health Communications and you can learn about their program here:

Emerson College has a Master of Arts (instead of Master of Science) in Health Communications. Learn about their program here:

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