Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deputy Director of Health

Here's an interesting public health job position titled, "Deputy Director of Health." Here's some more information:
The position of Deputy Director in a large urban health department is quite challenging. On the one hand, the Deputy must be able to “fill in” for the Director when the Director is out-of-town, on vacation or working on another issue. As a result, the Deputy plays a role in all of the major programs in the department. To do this, the Deputy Director must achieve working knowledge of many areas of public health programming. Additionally, the Deputy must have deeper responsibility with regards to several programs in the Department. The Deputy will spend some time becoming oriented to several programs before being given full administrative responsibility. The first program area over which the Deputy will assume deeper responsibility will be Division of Communicable Disease Prevention and Control. This is the area of the health department that requires the most physician input and has the greatest visibility in the community. This division houses four different types of clinics and associated communicable disease control programs The Deputy Director has both administrative and medical responsibilities. The medical responsibilities include, but are not limited to the establishment and periodic review of health and medical policies, conduct of epidemiologic investigations, provision of advice and consultation to practicing physicians and others within the community relative to management of cases of public health importance and supervising the work of other physicians and other professional staff within the department. The administrative responsibilities consist of acting for, and in place of the County Health Director in all matters of public health administration. The work is performed in accordance with the general policies and objectives prescribed by the Monroe County administration and with applicable State and Federal law and guidance. The Deputy Director will be asked to speak to the media about local public health issues when the Director is not available. The Deputy Director may be asked to sit on boards and advisory bodies in the community. The Deputy may be asked to attend statewide and national meetings related to local public health programs. As the current Department Director is nearing retirement age, appointment as Deputy Director at this time may be viewed by applicants as a step toward appointment as Department Director.


Candidates for Deputy Director must be physicians licensed to practice in the State of New York. In addition, it is preferred that the candidate hold a Masters Degree in Public Health or Epidemiology (or a closely related field) or be eligible or certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in either Preventive Medicine or Public Health. Candidates must have two years of administrative experience in a health related organization or government agency. Alternatively, the candidate may have certification by one of the American Boards as a diplomate in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Family Medicine and/or one of their respective subspecialties plus two year full-time or its part-time/volunteer equivalent experience in supervision, management, research or practice in one of the following areas: communicable disease control, chronic disease control, epidemiology or general public health.
Notice how the job description indicates a preference for an MPH, but this is not a mandatory requirement. Many physicians have the misconception that they are unable to work in the public health field unless they have an MPH. Click here for all the details about this current public health job posting.

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