Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When Entrepreneurs Look for Jobs

What do physicians and entrepreneurs have in common? They're both used to working for themselves. They both have new and creative ideas. They both ambitious. They're both leaders. They're both responsible for their outcomes. We can quickly see that physicians and entrepreneurs have many things in common.

So what happens when an entrepreneur decides to look for a salaried job? That's analogous to a solo private practitioner joining a salaried medical practice. There are many things that an entrepreneur must give up by working for a company, but there are also many benefits as well.

On, we see an article titled, "7 Job-Search Steps for Entrepreneurs." This is a great article for physicians as well. Those 7 steps include the following:
  1. Build relationships
  2. Use your connections
  3. Find a partner
  4. Market research
  5. Pitch like a consultant
  6. Brag about the boss
  7. Name-drop
To read the article on, click here.

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