Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Travel gifts for the physician executive (non-clinical)

If you're shopping for holiday gifts and you're trying to find something for a physician who now works in a non-clinical career, consider travel gifts if that individual does a fair bit of traveling.

I used to do more traveling, but now I may fly somewhere 3-4 times each year. I really don't mind that since I have young kids and I'd prefer to spend time with my family. Others love to travel and they don't mind the time away from home. Business travel has its mix of pros and cons, but it's heavier with cons for me.

So what types of gifts could you get? Well, I'm a gadget lover, so I could create a very long list of gadgets that are great for travel. Just visit SkyMall and you'll find all sorts of things from innovative bags to noise canceling head phones. Fortunately, I don't need any of these gadgets since I already have too many gadgets.

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