Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Should you try locum tenens before leaving clinical medicine?

There are many reasons why physicians choose to leave clinical medicine. One reason is because they are simply burned out by their workload and schedules. Should these individuals try locum tenens before they decide to permanently leave clinical medicine?

I seem to be meeting more physicians who are trying locum tenens because they need a change from their regular routine. They are eager to leave their clinical practice, but they still need an income. This is where locum tenens becomes a convenient option. Simply looking for a non-clinical job may not be practical since it may take many months before you find a suitable opportunity.

So have you tried locum tenens?

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  1. Many doctors turn to locum tenens for help with their physician job search. Busy working physicians often do not have the time it takes to conduct an effective job search, which is why they turn to this.