Thursday, December 17, 2009

Salary negotiation tips

Are you a strong salary negotiator? Many physicians are not in the practice of negotiating salary. After all, what percentage of physicians are salaried? If you're in private practice, then you may feel like you're pulling some teeth from insurance companies to get paid, but that doesn't automatically make you a good negotiator.

So how should you negotiate salary when you're transitioning into the non-clinical sector? has an article titled, "5 Ways to Negotiate Salary Requirements." This article has some solid tips that can be applied across any industry. However, the first point (Know what you’re worth in your geography) can be very difficult for physicians who are entering non-clinical industries. After all, do you know many physicians working for different types of companies? If you do, are you comfortable asking them about their salaries?

Websites like,, and provide good statistics on salary ranges for normal types of jobs, but physicians who work in companies are often filling atypical positions. Therefore, it can be a bit more challenging to evaluate your "worth" in the non-clinical industry.
  • How much does a "medical director" make in a pharmaceutical company?
  • What types of salaries can you expect if you work in public health?
  • How much does a physician "medical writer" make in a communications company?
  • What are the salary ranges for physicians working in government jobs?
  • How much does a physician consultant make in a large consulting firm?
Do you know where to look for this type of information? Don't risk being underpaid. Work with someone who can help you negotiate a fair salary based on industry-specific market value rates.

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