Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reflecting back on 2009

2009 really has been an amazing year. So much has happened specifically on this site, including the following:
  • Discussions about major health care reform, which then led to...
  • A significant growth in non-clinical job/career interest among physicians, so...
  • We've seen an increased uptake in social media because...
  • Physicians want to connect with others who have successfully transitioned into non-clinical careers.
That's the major story of 2009. Many physicians who are eager to make a career transition have connected personally with other physicians who can mentor and guide them through the process. Others have received valuable career counseling services to learn how to make the transition and find the right opportunities.

As the economy continues to go through some major changes, I think we can anticipate that at some point we will see the economy improve and many corporate jobs will begin to re-appear. Will you be ready to take advantage of that opportunity to enter a non-clinical career? What if that recovery occurs in 2010? Will you be prepared with a stunning resume? Or will you have a resume that quickly gets moved into the "discard" pile?

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