Monday, December 21, 2009

Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs (Forbes)

This month in our Members Section (, we're discussing the topic of entrepreneurship. Fortune Magazine recently name the "Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs." Several of these women work in industries that relate to health care. Let me highlight two of them with snippets from the article:
Billie Dragoo, Founder, president and CEO, RepuCare and RepuStaff. Dragoo took business classes at a nearby community college, then joined Century Personnel, a small recruiting firm in Carmel, Indiana. Focusing on medical staffing, she started RepuCare in 1995 with a partner. Operating out of Dragoo's home in Indianapolis, RepuCare provided therapists to hospitals and clinics to work on a temp basis.

Lisa Loscalzo, Co-founder and president, The Little Clinic. "Health care in a grocery store? Are you out of your mind?" That's what some people thought of the idea behind The Little Clinic, which runs 150 small, walk-in health clinics in Kroger and Publix supermarkets. While working in hospitals early in her career, Loscalzo saw people waiting for hours to get treated for simple illnesses like earaches and sinusitis. She also saw highly capable nurse practitioners being underutilized. So she helped found the Little Clinic, to bring both parties together at supermarkets, figuring that would be a convenient place for women, who often are the ones who get family members to the doctor.
Are you inspired to be an entrepreneur? Are you a risk-taker? Do you consider yourself to be visionary? To see the entire list of "Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs" on Fortune, click here.

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  1. Thanks for capturing these great examples of enterprising women who saw a need and through figuring out a win-win solution, created successful businesses!