Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strong computer skills are vital for most non-clinical jobs

How are your computer skills? What if you had to rate yourself? Novice, intermediate, or expert?

Strong computer skills are almost always vital for most non-clinical positions. Why? Because business productivity requires the use of computers and mobile technology. You will probably be expected to use smartphones such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, or even a Windows Mobile device. If you travel for work, you'll find yourself doing quite a bit of work on the airplane. Your productivity will largely depend on your level of computer proficiency. Hence, if you're really slow on the PC and you don't know how to use keyboard shortcuts, then you may be spending a lot of time on your documents or other deliverables.

Learn to be efficient using the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). You can view free multimedia tutorials online if you're not very familiar with these applications.

Companies are looking for people who can be efficient since you'll have many different tasks and responsibilities. If you can effectively demonstrate that you have strong computer skills, then you will have a competitive advantage over many other candidates.

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