Friday, November 13, 2009

How many non-clinical physicians do you know?

I've met many physicians who don't personally know any physicians who have left clinical medicine (I'm not counting those who've retired). Do you know many physicians who are now working in different health care industries? The list is very long: pharma, managed care, consulting, medical communications, legal medicine, etc. How strong is your social network?

There are some physicians who start embarking on some entrepreneurial projects and then they eventually leave clinical medicine to devote their time 100% to non-clinical work. Others make a clean break and look for something new in their lives.

When I was in college, I knew a handful of physicians who had left clinical medicine to pursue careers in industry. Then, when I was in medical school, several of my college friends decided that clinical medicine wasn't the right fit, so they left medicine to pursue other careers. Over the past several years, I've had the chance to meet so many physicians who have ventured into different non-clinical industries. Some now run their own companies. Others are full-time independent consultants.

The value of social networking simply can't be underscored enough. The insights you gain by meeting others and exchanging ideas is invaluable. If you're considering a transition out of clinical medicine and into the business side of health care, then expand your social network and get to know other physicians who have pursued similar paths. You never know what types of opportunities you'll find through other people within your social network.

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