Monday, November 16, 2009

Executive Health Resources (administrative medicine)

If you're trying tired of practicing clinical medicine, how about a career switch to administrative medicine? Consider this as a blend between medical management and business management. After all, I think we all recognize that health care is a business. You won't find any residencies or fellowships that focus on the specialty of "Administrative Medicine."

Executive Health Resources (EHR) is a company that provides different types of services, including:
• Medicare and Medicaid Clinical Compliance Management
- Concurrent Admission Review and Certification (Inpatient vs. Observation Status)
- Surgical/Procedural Setting Review and Certification
• Medicare and Medicaid Denials Review & Appeal Management
- QIO, MAC/FI and RAC Denials Management
• Concurrent Commercial Payor Denials Management
• Retrospective Commercial Payor Denials Management
• Length of Stay Management
• ER Admissions & Transfer Center Mgmt.
The acronym "EHR" is widely used to refer to electronic health records, so don't get that confused with this company. Here's a bit of history regarding this EHR (from their website):
Founded in 1997, EHR, The Physician Advisor Company™, is nationally recognized as the leading provider of real-time, point of care, expert Physician Medical Management Solutions that improve hospital revenue integrity and maintain the highest level of quality of care and regulatory compliance. EHR's expert physicians, the EHR Physician Advisors, provide hospitals and health systems with an outsourced operational, technological, and clinical resource to achieve the hospital’s goal of effectively managing clinical care while maintaining sound financial performance.
They appear to be hiring for a Physician Advisor. What are the qualifications? M.D. or D.O. with 3+ years of post-residency inpatient clinical practice preferred. Medical licensure mandatory; Board Certification preferred. To learn more, visit:

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