Saturday, November 21, 2009

Career counseling for physicians leaving medicine

Here's a Google search phrase that we don't see very frequently: "career counseling for physicians leaving medicine." I wonder how many physicians are thinking about leaving clinical medicine. Is it time for you to leave the bedside?

Google and other major Internet search engines are becoming the dominant source of career information. The phrase "career counseling for physicians leaving medicine" is not one of the top 10 keywords or phrases that drive people to this site. However, it's interesting to see that some people are typing things related to "career counseling" or even "leaving medicine" to find information about potential job and career options.

The search terms that drive the majority of people to this site have not changed over the past 6 months. They consistently remain the following:
1. non clinical physician jobs
2. non clinical jobs for physicians
3. non clinical careers for physicians
4. non-clinical physician jobs
5. non clinical jobs
6. non-clinical careers for physicians
7. nonclinical physician jobs
8. nonclinical physician jobs, california
9. non medical jobs for physicians
10. non clinical jobs for doctors
Notice a pattern? Currently, visits from major search engines represent roughly 40% of the traffic to this website.

Before I wander too far, let me return to the original topic of discussion. If you're a physician and you're looking for some non-clinical career counseling, you've come to the right place. Whether you call it career counseling, coaching, or mentorship, the goal is the same: to transition into a non-clinical career. Since there are so many different career options out there, it's important to find someone who can guide you in the right direction and help you chart your path so that you're not wasting time or losing efficiency. If you're serious about a career transition and you're looking for some personalized guidance, contact me so that I can point you to the right resources.

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