Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working on a consumer health project

I sent an e-mail today to almost 900 health care professionals who are members of the social network "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals." I'm recruiting a team of physicians for a small project and I've gotten quite a remarkable response. I want to thank my readers and those who are members of the "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals" for being so responsive to my request. I hope to help physicians and other healthcare professionals improve their exposure on the Internet and so they can find opportunities in different non-clinical areas. My hope is to find additional projects for physicians who are interested in "getting their feet wet" in different non-clinical areas of medicine. It's often difficult to "break in," but I may be able to help by providing opportunities where you can work on some projects, gain exposure, and list certain accomplishments on your CV.

This current project deals with consumer health, but future projects will focus on the use of electronic health records (EHRs), data integration, and other technology-driven solutions. I also anticipate other projects in medical writing, consumer health education, etc.

To hear about future opportunities, I encourage you to join the free "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals" network and meet almost 900 other physicians and health care professionals who have an interest in non-clinical careers. By joining this social network, you may find an opportunity to explore the non-clinical world of medicine.

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