Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pharma and Biotech companies are hiring MSLs

MSL = Medical Science Liaison

Depending on the pharma/biotech company, they may call the MSL something else (such as medical liaisons, medical science managers, regional medical scientists, and regional medical directors). However, for simplicity, I will use the acronym MSL.

Despite the recession, mergers, and layoffs, pharma and biotech companies are still hiring MSLs. Interact with KOLs (key opinion leaders) and find opportunities to teach clinicians about drugs. Expect to do an endless amount of traveling, but it's a great way to get "field experience" so that you can advance in the corporate world. If you're thinking about breaking into the non-clinical side of healthcare and you want a career in pharmaceutical medicine or biotechnology, then you may wish to consider a stint as an MSL.

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