Saturday, October 10, 2009

Part-time medical writing jobs for physicians

I've recently been exploring some part-time medical writing jobs for physicians. I'm not looking for more work for myself. I'm busy enough keeping up with all my blogs. Instead, I'm referring work to physicians who want part-time projects.

Earlier today, I contacted a handful of physicians who have a strong interest in the medical writing industry. They are not full-time medical writers. They are not professional writers. They are simply people who are looking for some part-time work to fill their time while they stay at home, watch the kids, or manage other responsibilities. These types of small jobs and projects won't sustain a family who depends on a physician's income, but they could act as stepping stones to larger projects and ultimately full-time positions. However, if you prefer to work part-time, then these small jobs could be perfect for you.

You may be wondering: "how do I find these types of jobs?"

I find them through my social network. Let me give you an example. In the past few weeks, I've been approached by four different people on LinkedIn who are looking for physicians to help them with several different part-time projects. I knew one person from my college days. One was a friend of a former co-worker. The other 2 people were complete strangers who happened to know one of my other contacts (so we had a mutual connection). So many opportunities may open up if you're able to leverage social networking resources appropriately.

Looking for some part-time work? Start networking.

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