Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Medical students who hate medical school

Some medical students who hate medical school are being quite creative at sharing and expressing their hatred and frustration of being a "lowly" medical student in the hierarchy of the medical world. In case you're not familiar with that food chain:
  • The attending physician is usually at the top of the hierarchy
  • Followed by a fellow (if applicable)
  • Then, you get a senior resident (on July 1, this person may have been an intern yesterday)
  • Followed by the intern (some may argue that the intern is the lowest person on the totem pole, but I would have to disagree)
  • Fourth year medical student (often called an acting intern or sub-intern)
  • Third (or even second) year medical student (get ready to buy coffee and donuts for the group)
If you're on the bottom of the food chain, you can only go up. So, don't get discouraged. Of course, if you don't think that you'll ever pursue a clinical career, then you're in the right place. I always try to encourage every medical student to go through residency. However, I also understand that some people simply aren't suited for clinical training. I wish you the best as you look for job opportunities that are geared for medical school graduates who don't wish to pursue residency training.

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  1. Is it harder for a med school grad to get a non-clinical job without residency?