Sunday, October 25, 2009

Medical consulting projects

Over the past few years, I've had several opportunities to get involved with some small medical consulting projects. Physicians are in a unique position to offer some consultative advice to various types of groups. You'll find many academic physicians who consult for major pharmaceutical companies. Some physicians consult for investment banking and venture capital firms, others consult for different types of health care companies.

If you enjoy the challenge of solving big problems, then you may enjoy some consulting opportunities. You have to understand all the complex issues and the multifaceted problems or challenges faced by your client. You need to have the skills to ask the right questions, to gather the necessary data, and to formulate an optimal solution for your client. A full-time consulting career will often require a tremendous amount of traveling as you visit different clients for various projects. Some physicians consult primarily over the telephone and via video web conferences. Many physician consultants also offer independent consulting while others may work as an employee for a consulting firm.

If you're considering a non-clinical career, have you considered a consulting career?

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