Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking for a radiology consultant (health IT)

I'm looking for a radiology consultant for a company that provides health IT services for hospitals, insurance providers, and life science companies. Maybe you know a radiologist who has a passion for health information technology.

The individual could potentially work as a part-time consultant and may even have an opportunity for a full-time position. The individual must be a radiologist and must have a strong background in health IT because different projects may touch upon several areas that include:

- Data Warehouse and Data Mining
· Track workloads, efficiency, and turnaround time (based on radiologist, division, modality, location, time of day, patient class and report findings)
· Analyze indications and compare them against patient populations (age, gender, zip-code, etc) and cohorts
· Utilization rates of particular radiological procedures
· Compare finding and follow-up recommendation rates for radiologist and subspecialty groups
· Analyze historic trends and predict future events
- Implement ACR (American College of Radiology) Quality and Safety guidelines to improve patient care
- Billing and Revenue Cycle Management- reduce cash cycle (A/R days) by 20-30% thus improving the cash reserve
- Integration services
· Hospital & Physicians' office integration with Radiology center
· HL7/DICOM Integration
- RIS/PACS ongoing maintenance and support

Please contact me if you know any radiologists who may be interested in such consulting opportunities. 

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