Friday, October 9, 2009

Angry reactions about the eBay doc

My blog gets syndicated through several different channels, and one of them happens to be the Trusted.MD network. After I wrote about the CNN story about the physician Dr. Jennifer Lickteig who makes more money selling items on eBay than in seeing patients ("Doc makes more cash selling clothes on eBay"), I received an onslaught of comments from people who must not have been satisfied with their eBay transactions with her. These comments could have been generated by only a few (or even a single) user - I have no way of knowing that. Some of the comments claim that she uses several different eBay user IDs. I tried to look up a few of them and nothing came up. So, I'm inclined to think that those comments may have been generated by a single angry customer.

In any case, I was trying to focus on the principle behind the story, not the actual story. The principle is that many physicians are looking for supplemental income because their day job isn't enough. They may find non-clinical jobs in the world of medical writing, sales, consulting, teaching, etc. Some are obviously more successful than others, but it's always interesting to meet physicians who have an entrepreneurial spirit. You can leverage common resources like eBay to build a business if you're creative and if you have the right business sense.

As for Dr. Jennifer Lickteig, I know nothing about her eBay activity beyond what's described in the CNN story. I've never purchased anything from her. I don't even know her eBay userID.

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