Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tip for the month (September): leverage social media like Twitter

We currently have 785 members in our “Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals” network and I’m eager to see how this grows as excitement over non-clinical opportunities grows this fall.

Recently, I’ve been contacted by many people about consulting, health IT, and pharma/biotech jobs. I’m doing my best to reply, so I appreciate your patience with me. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to search for posts on those topics here:

Health IT:

Here's my tip of the month for September: Leverage online social media to help you expand your social network. Maybe you'll meet some people who will eventually help you find a non-clinical job. Start with Twitter! Learn the basics and follow @DrJosephKim

Make sure you create safe and secure passwords as you join various websites. For tips on creating passwords, make sure to read this: Tips on managing online passwords

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