Friday, September 25, 2009

Research pathway during residency

Some medical students really don't enjoy seeing patients. As a result, some don't plan to go through residency. Others may try residency, but then they drop out. So, are there other alternatives?

Most people have not heard of the "integrated research pathway" during residency (probably because it's not common).
The Integrated Research Pathway is an American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) approved mechanism for pediatric residency training... The research pathway is designed for residents who have earned a M.D. or M.D./PhD. degree and are committed to an academic research career.
The objectives of the Integrated Research Pathway (IRP) are:
  • to attract committed young physician-scientists to pediatrics;
  • to provide mechanisms to sustain research interest, skills, knowledge, and productivity during core pediatric training;
  • to offer a means for fostering transition to a physician-scientist career;
  • to ensure that trainees accomplish the requisite training and acquire the skills to function as competent pediatricians in the independent care of children.
The ABP guidelines can be found here.

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