Sunday, September 6, 2009

Non-clinical physician careers in the world of sales

I know several physicians, pharmacists, and nurses who have decided to pursue a non-clinical career in the world of sales. I'm not talking about car sales or real estate. I mean selling healthcare products or services. Some physicians transition into the non-clinical industry by entering as a pharma sales rep (short for representative). Others go into the medical device industry and become a device rep. There are opportunities to also work with sales people and to act as a subject matter expert who complements the sales team. You can also get involved selling other services, such as promotional and marketing campaigns, technology services, and more. As we see growth in health IT, we'll see a growing need for experts who can effectively sell electronic health record (EHR) solutions to physicians and hospitals.

The world of sales is very different from the clinical world of direct patient care. In this industry, you have to build and establish relationships with your clients (and potential clients). This often means that you'll be busy entertaining clients by taking them to sporting events and dining out at fancy restaurants. Sounds great, doesn't it? (especially if you're a sports fan) It can get tiring, but if you're a social butterfly, you'll flourish. So, if you're working in the northeast, you may want to keep in mind that you can get Mohegan Sun Arena Tickets for a good price if you look online. This may be important for you if you're working in pharma since many companies are located in the northeast corridor. Head up to Maine if you get a chance and make sure to get some fresh lobster. Working in Texas? Make sure you have some Toyota Center Tickets so that you can entertain your clients to a nice sporting event. Get ready to eat some BBQ or steak if you're visiting the south. Everything is big in Texas. Remember that there are medical device companies in midwest states like Ohio. Don't forget to get your Ohio State Buckeyes Football Tickets. The locals love state football and you'll want to impress your clients. Finally, if you get a chance to do some business in Canada, I suggest that you purchase your Rogers Centre Tickets early. While you're visiting Toronto, I hope you'll get a chance to eat some great food up there.

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