Saturday, September 12, 2009

National Association of Science Writers (NASW)

Have you considered a career in medical writing? Recently, I've had the opportunity to interact with many medical writers. Although AMWA (American Medical Writers Association) is a really large organization for medical writers, we can't forget about the National Association of Science Writers (NASW).

Now AMWA is specific to medical writers while NASW is a broader organization that includes medical writers but also other types of scientific writers. So, if you enjoy writing and you love science, then you may wish to consider joining NASW. By getting involved in these types of organizations, you can gain some important networking connections and learn about different opportunities in the writing field.

AMWA is at
NASW is at

The hardest part of medical writing is breaking into the field. Once you get yourself established and gain meaningful experience, then you will flourish. The writing industry has gone through some significant changes over the past few years, so medical writing may not lead to the same types of salaries as they have in the past. Only time will tell...

By the way, NASW is a part of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ). If you live in another country, you may wish to visit and find an association that represents your region. For instance, Canada has the Canadian Science Writers' Association (CSWA). Africa has the African Federation of Science Journalists (AFSJ). Korea has the Korea Science Reporters Association (KOSRA) and Japan has Japanese Association of Science and Technology Journalists (JASTJ) and the Medical Journalists Association of Japan (MEJA). We can't leave China out: Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism (CSSTJ). In Europe, you have the European Union of Science Journalists' Associations (EUSJA). I won't mention all the European groups like the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW), the French association of science journalists (AJSPI), etc. I think you get the picture.

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