Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pharma career portal: FindPharma job listings

Looking for a non-clinical physician job in the pharmaceutical industry? Perhaps you're interested in Medical Affairs. Maybe you're looking for a "Medical Director" position. FindPharma has a job portal where you can post your resume and look for jobs.

Here's an example of some of the latest job postings:
  • Covance Inc, Looking for the Best and the Brightest
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Oncology Focus
  • Ash Stevens, Director Analytical Services
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Project Manager, Commercial Launch
  • Xcenda, Director, Managed Markets Solutions
  • Jim Crumpley & Associates, Executive Recruiter
  • Phil Ellis Associates, Executive Search Services
  • Med Exec International, CRO Executive Search
Or, you can browse through these job categories:
  • Account and Media Management
  • Advertising/Promotion Management
  • Business Development/Strategic Planning
  • Chemist
  • Clinical Operations and Development
  • Corporate Research
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Management
  • Engineer
  • Finance Management and Auditing
  • Information Technology
  • Lab Management/Technician
  • Manufacturing
  • Market Research/Academic Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Product/Brand Management
  • QA/QC
  • R&D
  • Sales
  • Regulatory/Government Affairs
  • Training and Development/HR
To access this career portal at FindPharma, go here:

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