Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finding a non-clinical physician job using Twitter

You may have heard some stories in the news where people are using Twitter to find jobs. Most of you have probably never used Twitter, so it may be a bit difficult to imagine how this social media "tool" can be used to help people find jobs.

Imagine sending an e-mail to over 10,000 people and suppose that 10% read the e-mail. Then, let's imagine that among those 1000 who read your message, another 10% send that e-mail to people they know. As a result, your single message may reach several thousand people within a matter of seconds, minutes, or hours (this really depending on how many people are in your Twitter network).

That's how quickly Twitter can disseminate your message. It's a broadcast medium. If you're broadcasting a new job position (or the need for a job), then you can be sure that your message will get spread quickly and efficiently.

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