Monday, August 24, 2009

Careers in the evolving world of CME

Over the next few weeks, I'll be writing about my personal experiences in the evolving world of certified CME (continuing medical education). I've been involved in the CME industry for a number of years on various different levels. Many physicians require CME for relicensure. Some states still don't require CME, but I see that changing in the future. We now have much more free CME available, thanks to industry support. However, will that last? Finally, what types of non-clinical physician careers are still available in the changing world of CME? We're seeing fewer jobs out there as companies choose to leave the world of certified CME and pursue opportunities in promotional education.

Perhaps one area that will remain viable is in nursing education. Nurses often refer to their continuing education (CE) credit as CEUs (continuing education units). For a long time, many states did not require nurses to have any form of CE. However, this trend is changing and nurses are eager for any type of free CE, including industry-supported CE. Will pharma and biotech companies continue to fund continuing education if it's only for nurses?

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