Saturday, July 18, 2009

Overwhelmed by people looking for mentors

Several days ago, I had posted something to see who wanted to find a non-clinical mentor (Find a Non-Clinical Mentor). The response has been overwhelming and I'm still sorting through all my e-mails, so please be patient while I work through this. On top of that, there was a strong interest in health IT and several mentors were at AMDIS. So, if you're still interested in finding a mentor, expect to see a survey from me over the next week. Also, make sure that you're a member of the Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals network (free to join). I will be using that to broadcast messages. Finally, if you know others who may also be interested in this type of mentorship program, please have them contact me.

I'm trying to collect some more information so that we can launch an effective mentorship program (and please keep in mind that this will not be a free program, but we are working on keeping the fees as reasonable as possible).

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