Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet some industry Chief Scientific Officers

Would you like to meet some Chief Scientific Officers (CSOs)? What exactly does a CSO do? They keyword here is "strategy." Are you able to integrate scientific strategy with business strategy and communicate things clearly to both internal and external stakeholders? These CSOs are very powerful people in the world of pharma.

According to a recent article on PharmaVOICE, the Chief Scientific Officer "helps set a company's strategy, interacts with investors and board of directors, and helps people understand the science behind new products." It's really a combination of public relations (PR) both externally and internally. They need strong corporate leadership skills that includes a considerable amount of ownership and strategy development.

So who are some of these industry CSOs?
  • Julian Adams, PhD (Infinity Pharmaceuticals)
  • Joseph Bolen, PhD (Millennium, the Takeda Oncology Company)
  • Charles Cantor, PhD (Sequenom)
  • Timothy Clackson, PhD (Ariad Pharmaceuticals)
  • Kevin Judice, PhD (Achaogen)
  • Ruther McKernan, PhD (Pfizer Regenerative Medicine)
  • Martin Petkovich, PhD (Cytochroma)
  • Barry Polisky, PhD (MDRNA)
  • Jasbir Seehra, PhD (Acceleron Pharma)
  • Marc Tessier-Lavigne, PhD (Genentech)
To view the PharmaVOICE article and to meet these CSOs, click here (will open as a PDF).

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