Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Experience with outplacement services

Have you ever had any experience working with outplacement services? Traditional outplacement can be defined as: "The process of facilitating a terminated employee's search for a new job by provision of professional services, such as counseling, paid for by the former employer." These days, so many people are looking for work and I see some non-traditional outplacement services being offered by various groups/companies/individuals. If you're looking to switch careers, you may have a difficult time finding a company to pay for outplacement services.

Outplacement services may cover things such as:
  • Resume improvement
  • Counseling
  • Career coaching
  • Negotiation skills
  • Networking
  • Job search
  • Career transition
  • Interview coaching
  • Career assessment guidance
Live outside North America? Below the equator? Southern hemisphere? Do you live in Australia? Perhaps you may want to see what you can find if you search for "career outplacement adelaide" or for "outplacement melbourne." Maybe you'll stumble upon a group called the Donington Group. They specialize in:
  • Career Transition and Outplacement
  • Career Management and Career Coaching
  • Career Development and Redeployment
  • Corporate Outplacement Support
I'm doing some research about outplacement services and I'd love to hear your stories (good or bad). Some organizations seem to be quite effective, but many don't seem to help a whole lot. Job seekers need to be coached by others who really understand that specific industry, but it seems like much of the coaching is being provided through generalists.

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