Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does medical blogging pay?

How do bloggers make money? This is one of the most frequent questions I encounter since I'm a medical blogger. I actually spent a few years blogging for zero pay. It was a hobby and I did it in my spare time. However, several months ago I decided that I could leverage my blogs for some supplemental income. What's there to lose? So, I decided to venture into the world of blogging for an income and it's been a very interesting experience.

You may have heard that certain "pro bloggers" out there are making tens of thousands of dollars each month through their blogs. Is that real? (yes) How do they do it? The answer is simple: high traffic and ads.

If you have a website that draws millions of visitors each day, then you can make a tremendous amount of money simply by posting a few ads on your site. If you site isn't drawing many visitors, then you're probably going to be making a few pennies here and there. Advertising is a huge industry and many companies spend billions of dollars to market products and services.

In order to generate a significant income through your blogs, you need to generate a large volume of consistent traffic. That takes time (unless you're well-connected with people who can help you gain that traffic quickly).

So, does medical blogging pay? If you're getting a ton of traffic, then it can pay quite well. Otherwise, it pays slowly and you must work diligently to grow your site traffic. Follow my blog as I write about ways you can boost traffic to your site.

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